Vizianagaram District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., Vizianagaram has been functioning in the district since 1916 and serving the rural farmers and customers by providing various banking facilities and other needs required for Agriculture through 16 branches and 94 PACS affiliated to the Bank. The Bank is going to celebrate its Centenary in the year.

The District Co-operative Central Bank Ltd., Vizianagaram was established on 09 February 1916 as “VizagPatem” District Co-operative Central Bank Union in the composite State of Madras.  Subsequently the Vizagpatem District Co-operative Union was named as Vizianagaram Co-operative Banking Union since 06-11-1916 and started its business transactions.  Then in November 1928 it was renamed as Vizianagaram Co-operative Central Bank.

The Vizianagaram Co-operative Central Bank Ltd., in November 1928 have its area of operations from Payakaraopeta of Visakhapatnam District to Ganjam District in Orrissa State.


Sri K.Janardhana (CEO)

During the course of time, the composite State of Madras is unwieldy the Orissa State was formed w.e.f.01.04.1936 by carving some districts from composite Madras State including Ganjam District & some more districts from Bihar.  As the Ganjam District was included in Orissa State, the area of operations of Visakhapatnam District are confined from Payakaraopeta to Itchapuram.

The Vizianagaram Co-operative Central Bank Ltd., Vizianagaram catering the Agricultural Credit needs in its area of operations from Payakaraopeta to Itchapuram of Erstwhile Visakhapatnam District.  As the area of operations were unwieldy and the agriculturists were of opinion to four a Cooperative Central Bank at Srikakulam.  Thus the Srikakulam Cooperative Central Bank was established on 31.12.1931 with Headquarters at Srikakulam duly carving 6 Taluks of North Coastal area.  Thus the area of operations of Srikakulam Cooperative Central Bank were confined to 6 North Coastal Taluks.

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